Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help make your life easier, so we have answered some of your most commonly asked questions relating to the Baxi Works loyalty scheme. From how to join, how to register a warranty and the membership levels, to everything you need to know about how you redeem your points, we're pretty sure we have got it covered.

However, if you cannot see the answer to your question here, check out our Terms and Conditions – for more details or contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' within the Help section of the website.

1. Can anyone join Baxi Works?

Yes. Baxi Works is now available to both Gas Safe registered installers and non-Gas Safe registered installers. You will also need to be the nominated representative of the business. In addition, your business must not be in receipt of contract support from Baxi Heating UK Limited, directly or indirectly via a merchant.

2. Can anyone in my business claim or redeem the points we have collected?

No. Only your nominated representative can redeem points on behalf of your business. The contact must be nominated when you first register to be a member of Baxi Works.

3. Can the nominated business contact be changed at any time?

Yes. By contacting Baxi Works via 'Contact Baxi Works' in the Help section of the website.

4. Are my details secure?

Your details will always be secure when using Baxi Works. We will never ask for your password, credit card or debit card details via email or pop-ups, or for any purpose other than logging into Baxi Works.

5. I have forgotten my username?

Your username will be your email address which you originally signed up to Works with. If you have forgotten this email please contact us, using 'Contact Baxi Works'.

6. If I need to contact anyone, is there a number I can call?

Yes, our dedicated helpline number is 0345 121 3212(UK) or 0345 121 3211(Republic of Ireland), and we are here to help Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

7. I have forgotten my password?

Please use the 'Forgot your password?' link on the homepage which is in the 'Sign in to Works' log in area. You can reset your password up to five times each day.

1. What are Baxi Works membership levels?

Baxi Works has four membership levels. Find out more about membership levels.

2. What's the benefit of becoming a Associate or Baxi Approved Installer?

The higher your membership level, the more benefits you will get, and will potentially get more points for the products you install. For example, we will send out service reminders to Baxi Approved Installers' customers for the whole length of the warranty period, they will have their own business profile page listing on Find an Installer and get priority same day access to Baxi Customer Support, as well as Baxi Approved Installer workwear and logos.

3. I am a Baxi Cylinder Installer. How do I move to a Member membership level.

If you are Gas Safe registered, you can either complete a Contact Us form or email with your Gas Safe Register details.

4. I am a Member. How do I move to an Associate or Baxi Approved Installer membership level?

We determine your membership level by the number of products you install over a 12 month period. To become an Associate, you have to install 12 products over a rolling 12 month period and to become a Baxi Approved Installer, you have to install 20 products over a rolling 12 month period. We also ask that Associates and Baxi Approved Installers attend a free Baxi product training course. When completing your Baxi Approved Installer profile you will need to attach an up to date version of your public liability insurance as a 2mb PDF and accept the terms and conditions.

5. Once I get to a higher level, will I have to register so many products to keep at that level?

Once you have been promoted to a higher level, we guarantee that you will stay there for at least 12 months. To stay there after that, you will have to continue registering the minimum number of products required for that level.

1. How many points do I get for each product registered on Baxi Works?

You can earn points for registering products on Baxi Works. How many points you earn depends on your membership level. Take a look at our membership points table?

2. How do I collect points?

Our products contain a promotional label which you will find in the packaging or you can get the barcode off the product. It is 17 digits long and has a barcode above it. You have to enter the promotional label digits into the 'Register a product' form on Baxi Works. If you are a Member, Associate or Baxi Approved Installer, you can scan the barcode using the Baxi Toolbelt App.

3. How soon can I start collecting points?

You can start collecting your points as soon as you register. You will be able to spend points once your membership has been approved, which we aim to do within 48 hours of you registering.

4. How can I check how many points I have got?

You can view your points balance at any time by logging in to Baxi Works. Go to 'My Account' and click on 'Statement'. We will also send you a statement every month showing how many points are in your account.

5. Can I claim for boilers purchased by other people?

No. Baxi Works is only available for purchases made by you or your business. We may ask for copy invoices as proof of purchase at any time. Your account may be suspended while we carry out this random investigation. If you fail to provide copy invoices, we may close your account.

6. I do not have the promotional label; can I still claim the points?

Yes. You will need to send the product invoice along with its details and serial number. Please email or if you are in the Republic of Ireland We will endeavour to contact you within two working days with the promotional barcode for you to register online.

7. Do points ever expire?

Yes. Your points will expire after 24 months on Baxi Works. Check out how you can spend your points in our reward catalogue (You will need to be logged into Baxi Works to access the catalogue).

8. If I claim points online today, when will I see my points total updated?

Any claims you make will be updated as soon as the product has been registered for Gas Safe and warranty or warranty only, providing you have entered the correct barcode information and the claim has been accepted.

9. Where can I check when my points will expire?

You can check your points balance and the date of expiry by looking at your points statement [Works – Baxi's loyalty scheme for installers (] and we will notify you on your account Dashboard [Works – Baxi's loyalty scheme for installers (] of any points due to expire by the end of the current month. Please ensure you check your dashboard each month.

10. How long will Baxi Works last?

Baxi Works is a long term rewards scheme and we are committed to supporting our installers into the future. However, we do reserve the right to close Baxi Works as described in our terms and conditions.

1. Where can I see the full range of rewards?

Our rewards can all be found in our exciting rewards catalogue section. You will need to be logged in to access the catalogue.

2. How can I redeem my points and claim my rewards?

You can log into your account at any time, browse the rewards catalogue and spend your points on anything that you like.

3. How can I pay for my rewards?

You can only claim your rewards using the points you have collected.

4. How do I know if my order has been received?

When we receive your order, an acknowledgement will be generated showing an order reference number. We will also send you an email confirming that we have received your order.

5. Can I spend my points on anything other than the selection in the rewards catalogue?

No. You can only spend points on the published offers, which we regularly update. No cash alternative is available. If there is something you would like us to consider adding to the reward catalogue, please contact us via 'Contact Baxi Works' in the Help section of the website.

6. What rewards can I get with my Baxi Works points?

Simply visit our rewards catalogue where we have a full selection of products and gift vouchers for everyone. We have everything from vouchers to experience days and power tools. Be sure to check the rewards section regularly because we constantly extend our range.

7. How do I exchange my Baxi Works points for rewards?

Making a redemption is easy. Once you have chosen a reward from our catalogue, simply click 'Add to basket', you will then be taken to a 'Rewards basket page' where you can confirm, cancel or add more rewards to your order.

Once you are satisfied with your order click, 'Complete your order'.

8. Can I order more than one reward at a time?

Yes, you can order as many rewards as you like, as long as you have the points balance to cover your order.

9. Ordering personalised work wear

There is a limit of 19 characters per line (including spaces) across three lines, which is embroidered in white on to the garment.

10. Expected delivery times

Most rewards take up to 10 working days (Monday-Friday) to be delivered and magazine subscriptions can take 4-12 weeks. If you have not received your reward within 10 working days, please contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' in the Help section of the website and tell us which reward you are still waiting for.

1. How do I register a product warranty?

Go to the Register a product page.

You can register a product warranty for either warranty only or warranty and Gas Safe notification (where applicable).

Any registrations showing on your account as 'Incomplete' will need to be processed in full to qualify for the warranty and to have the points awarded.

Please note: For your customer's warranty to be valid you must

  • Register the warranty within 30 days of the installation
  • Complete the Benchmark checklist (where applicable)
  • Ensure the product is serviced every year (where applicable)
  • Use Baxi Genuine Parts

2. How long do I have to register a warranty and/or complete the Gas Safe notification?

Both must be completed within 30 days of installation.

3. Do you send the householder a certificate for Gas Safe notification?

Yes, once you have filled in all your customer's details on Baxi Works, they are sent to the Gas Safe Register and appear in your account there. The Gas Safe Register will notify the Local Authority in accordance with legislation.

We will send a certificate to the address specified by you during the registration process. If you don't specify an address we will automatically send the certificate to the householder.

You will be given the option of viewing and downloading copies of the warranty letter and Gas Safe certificate directly from your product registration history for any boilers that you have registered on Baxi Works since 20th March 2016.

4. Will you tell my customer that their warranty has been registered?

Yes. If you have successfully registered the warranty, we will send a confirmation letter within 28 days to the address you specified. If you have chosen for the letter to be sent directly to the householder, by giving us their details you are giving us permission to send them the warranty confirmation.

5. Can I see the status of my warranties I have registered?

Yes. Log into your Baxi Works account and click on 'Product Registration History' in the 'My Account' section. All your registrations and the status of warranties can be found there.

6. I have made a mistake registering a warranty or on my Gas Safe notification. Can I correct it?

Yes, you can change the Warranty or Gas Safe notification by going to the 'Product Registration History' in the 'My Account' section of the website and selecting 'Amend'. You will only have up to 30 days after the installation date to amend registrations.

7. My customer/my business did not receive a Gas Safe notification certificate and/or the warranty confirmation letter. Please can I have a copy?

Yes. Contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' within the Help section of the website with the Gas Safe certificate number and the householder's address and we will send a duplicate to the address you specified at the time of registration.

8. Registrations on the Toolbelt App

  • Baxi Cylinder Installers do not have access to the Baxi Works section of the Baxi Toolbelt App.
  • All registrations made on the Baxi Toolbelt App are added to your Baxi Works account.
  • If you just scan the barcode, you will need to log into your Baxi Works account to complete the registration.
  • The Baxi Toolbelt App is not available on windows phones.

1. What is the Baxi Customer Support service level agreement (SLA) for Baxi Works members?

The dedicated phone line numbers are 0344 879 7948 (Boilers) or 0344 335 5374 (Cylinders, Heatrae Sadia and Santon). If we're busy, leave us a message, clearly stating your name and contact number, and we will ring you back within 30 minutes.

2. If there is a fault with the product, can the customer call up to book an engineer?

The customer can ring Baxi Customer Support, but they can’t use the special telephone number that we only give to our members of Baxi Works.

The best route for the customer is to contact you to see if you can fix the fault and if you can't, you can call Baxi and take advantage of the SLA, or Baxi Works Members, Associates and Baxi Approved Installers can use the 'Book a Repair' feature on the Baxi Toolbelt App under the Baxi Works section.

3. I have a Heatrae Sadia Multipoint, Supreme or a Streamline product. How do I request an engineer visit?

Please email the information below to

  • Unit serial number
  • Date of installation
  • Installation address of unit, including postcode and company name, if installed in a business
  • Location on site of the unit e.g in kitchen/in ground floor washroom
  • Unit fault
  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Email address for the customer
  • Proof of purchase (needs to be a valid receipt and not a purchase order)

They will then email the customer to confirm the booking details.

1. Can my reward be sent outside the UK?

Baxi Works is a UK based loyalty programme and we are unable to send rewards to outside of the UK.

2. How do I cancel/modify my reward order?

Contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' within the Help section of the website. We will do our best to amend/cancel any orders which have not been dispatched. However, if the order has already been processed we will be unable to amend/refund the redemption. This does not affect your statutory rights.

3. Returns Policy

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on rewards redeemed. In the unlikely event that goods arrive faulty or damaged, please inform us immediately so that we can replace the item or refund your account with Baxi Works points. We will provide a free of charge postage label or courier pick up where possible. Please note that we will be unable to deal with any faults reported after 30 days and you will need to contact the manufacturer yourself.

4. I have not yet received my reward.

Most rewards take up to 10 working days (Monday-Friday) to be delivered and magazine subscriptions can take 4-12 weeks. If you have not received your reward within 10 working days, please contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' in the Help section of the website and tell us which reward you are still waiting for.

5. I have ordered a reward but there has been a change to my delivery address.

Contact us using 'Contact Baxi Works' in the Help section of the website. We will do our best to change your address. However, if the order has already been processed, we will be not be able to make the change.

1. How do I update my Account details?

There are two ways in which you can update your accounts details. Either fill in a Contact Us form or email with details of what needs changing.

2. How do I close my Baxi Works account?

If you want to close your Baxi Works account, you must give notice in writing to or send a letter to Baxi Works Administration, Marketing Department, Baxi Heating UK Limited, Brooks House, Coventry Road, Warwick, CV34 4LL. When we receive your email or letter, the Baxi Works administrator will close your account.

3. Why has my account been de-activated?

We may close your account at any time if you are in breach of any of the terms and conditions of being a member. Should this happen, we will contact you to discuss your account.

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