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​​​​​​Introducing your NEW Baxi Works Account Dashboard and Notification Centre!

At Baxi, we are always looking for new ways to make your life that little bit easier, so welcome to your new Baxi Works account dashboard and notification centre!

When you log in to your Baxi Works account, you’ll see straightaway that it looks different.  Your new dashboard will give you real-time updates to help you maintain your account more easily, for example:

·    See if you have points due to expire

·    Read about the latest special promotions

·    Check what you need to do to maintain your membership level or move to the next level.

You will also see a bell icon in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. This is your new notification centre. A red badge shows when you have new messages and you can click the bell icon to read your messages. You can also manage your messages, for example see whether they are read or unread and prioritise different types of messages. The notification centre is also available when you log in to Baxi Works using the Toolbelt App.

Why not log in to your account now and start exploring the new tools!