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Please be aware that Gas Safe are currently experiencing intermittent technical issues. If you are having difficulties registering your appliance on Baxi Works, please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

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Book a repair using the Toolbelt App!

We are very excited to inform you that you can now ‘Book A Repair’ for your customers, simply and quickly, using the new feature on the Baxi Toolbelt App!

We know that booking a customer’s repair online is something you have been wanting to do for some time and we guarantee it will make using the Baxi Toolbelt App in your daily life even more invaluable.


From Monday 8th February 2021, when you download the latest version of the app, this new feature will be available within the Baxi Works section.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open Baxi Works on the Baxi Toolbelt App (make sure you have the latest version)
  2. Click on the ‘Book A Repair’ button
  3. Either scan the boiler barcode or enter the serial number manually
  4. Tell us your customer’s contact details
  5. Tell us what the issue is
  6. Select a date for the repair
  7. Baxi Customer Support will do the rest and confirm the booking with you

It’s that simple!

If you’re not using the Baxi Toolbelt App yet, there has never been a better time to download it!

Head to the App Store and download it for FREE now!


Does the boiler need to have been installed by me?

Yes, you can only book a repair via the Toolbelt App feature if you have installed the product and registered it for warranty or warranty and Gas Safe on your Baxi Works account. The warranty must still be valid and this will be checked by Baxi Customer support when making the booking request.

Does the boiler need to have been registered on Baxi Works?

Yes, see Question 1. Above.

What if I didn’t install the boiler or it wasn’t registered on Baxi Works?

Please call Baxi Customer Support as normal.

Does the boiler have to be in warranty? What if it isn’t?

Yes. If the boiler is not in warranty, call Baxi Customer Support, if required.

Can I book a repair for a cylinder?

Yes, the Book A Repair feature can be used for cylinders and boilers.

Can I book a repair for Saturday or Sunday?

A booking cannot be requested for a Sunday. This option will be available for selection but will not be met.

I am a Baxi Approved Installer. How do I get ‘Same day’ call out?

Same rules apply as per repair bookings made by phone – the request must be submitted (completed) pre-10am to request a same day callout and applies to ‘appliance off’ only.

How will I know what date/time the repair is booked for?

Once you have submitted your Book a Repair request, a member of the Baxi Customer Support team will review it, and then send you an email confirmation with the booking details. Please ensure you have opted in for email contact preference to ensure you receive this email. 

Will BCS contact me or the customer with the repair booking? How will they contact them?

You will receive an email confirmation with the booking. Your customer will receive a call pre 10am, with confirmation of the engineer’s estimated time of arrival, but it will be an ‘all-day’ time slot. Please ensure you have opted in for email contact preference to ensure you receive this email.

How do I update my contact preferences?

It's important that you have opted in to receieve emails to ensure you are receiving the best service from this tool. To update your contact preferences visit the 'Manage my account' section located under the 'My Account' drop down menu once you have logged in.

Who will contact the customer?

If you provided the customer’s contact details, Baxi Customer Support will call to advise them of the engineer’s estimated time of arrival on the day of the visit.

What if the customer is not happy with the booking date/time? How can they/I change it? Who should they/I call?

Please contact Baxi Customer Support on 0330 678 0917

If the engineer fails to turn up to the appointment or it gets cancelled for any reason, can I use the Book A Repair feature again?

Yes you can.

I have been told my repair has been ‘Denied’. What does that mean? What shall I do now?

Baxi Customer Support will have tried to contact you already. If not, please call 0330 678 0917