Baxi Toolbelt App

We talked to hundreds of installers, to find out what we could give you to make your life easier. It was pretty unanimous: “An app to make things easier while we’re on site”. So we asked what you would use an app for, you told us – and here it is!

Download the Baxi Toolbelt App now

  • Access to Baxi Works
  • Error codes for current and discontinued Baxi products
  • A gas flow rate calculator
  • A simple single drop gas pipe sizing calculator
  • A multi drop gas pipe sizing calculator
  • A built in torch (if your phone has an LED flash) to help you see in those dark places
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Baxi Works

Includes a barcode scanner so you can register boilers for warranty, Gas Safe and complete the Benchmark Checklist while you’re on site, the ability to 'Book a repair' for your customers simply and quickly - no need to call it in, access to the rewards catalogue to spend your points, an extensive range of how - to videos, key contacts, FAQs and your account statement.


Error codes

A complete list of error codes for all our current and discontinued Baxi products to help you diagnose faults more easily.


Gas flow rate calculator

This timer helps to determine the gas flow rate of the boiler in Metric or Imperial.


Gas pipe sizing calculator

A simple single drop gas pipe sizing calculator to help you determine the diameter of pipe suitable for the installation.


Multi drop pipe sizing calculator

To help you determine the correct pipe diameter when you are working with multiple gas appliances.

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As well as free of charge boiler training, we also run unique non-brand specific courses, designed to help you grow your knowledge and make your work even easier. Plus, we have training centres all across the UK, so we are never too far away from you.

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It's easy to join and you can start reaping the benefits for your business straightaway and collecting points to spend in the rewards catalogue.